Current Account

DescriptionSohar Islamic charges OMR
Minimum balance for account opening10.000
Minimum balance requirement200.000
Non-maintenance of minimum monthly balance525 Bz. per month
Dormant/Unclaimed balance below OMR 2002.100 per year
Cheque book - 10 leaves (from second chequebook onwards)1.050
Cheque book - 25 leaves (from second chequebook onwards)2.100
Cheque book - 50 leaves (from second chequebook onwards)3.150
Cheque return - insu!cient funds15.750
Cheque return – reasons other than no funds10.500
Photocopy of paid cheque - up to 1 year2.100
Photocopy of paid cheque - over 1 year3.150
Stop payment instruction5.250 per cheque/instruction
Account closed within 1 year of opening3.150
Account closed after 1 year of openingFree

* All Fees & Charges are inclusive of 5% VAT, where applicable effective from 16th April 2021