Goods Murabaha

Furnish a winning future with every purchase.

Sohar Islamic Goods Finance enables you to build a brighter tomorrow for your family, by purchasing building materials, furniture, electronics, household items, auto parts and more.

Financing up to 100% of value

Competitive profit rates

Maximum tenure of up to 120 months

The Goods Murabaha finance product works in the following way: The bank, at the customer's request, purchases certain goods from the authorised dealer and sells the same to the customer at an agreed price. The advantage of this product is that you know the Bank's profit mark-up and installment at the time of signing the deal, and it never changes throughout the financing term. This arrangement allows for immediate possession and ownership of the goods. This product is offered to the customer through the Murabaha mode of finance.

Building Material

Build a winning future

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Furnish more wins at home

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Add fitting wins to your home

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Auto Parts

Never slow down on your winning journey

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