Continuing the winning journey

At Sohar Islamic we understand your values and embark on every new journey with you equipped with extensive Islamic banking experience to provide you with world-class banking services that bring you closer to more wins, without compromising on your values.

We bring you Sharia compliant products and services within the areas of:

Retail Banking

Corporate Banking


Trade Finance

Sohar Islamic with complete segregation of operations from its conventional banking adheres to the highest level of Sharia compliance by meeting certain key conditions including: complete segregation of funds; existence of an eminent Sharia Supervisory Board; committed management; the world’s best Islamic banking software; stand alone Sohar Islamic branches and compliance with the standards of the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI)

Sheikh Fahad Al Khalili

Sheikh Fahad Al Khalili

Fahad graduated from Florida Atlantic University USA after which he joined the Central Bank of Oman. At the CBO, he was part of the Treasury and Investment Division with the responsibility of managing billions of USD in the international markets.
Thereafter, Fahad joined Al Madina Investment where he quickly became the Deputy General Manager of Investment Banking. At Al Madina Investment, he was instrumental in promoting and raising equity for several successful companies including Al Madina Takaful, Al Madina Real Estate, Tilal Fund and others. His key responsibilities included portfolio management to the tune of hundreds of millions USD, promotion of Greenfield ventures and handling high net worth individuals.
Recently, Fahad founded Bayan Investment House, which is focused on building long term relationships by provided investment banking and advisory services.

Al-Mu'tasim Said Al-Maawali

Al-Mu'tasim Said Al-Maawali

Al-Mu'tasim Said Al-Maawali is a religious supervisor working for The Omani Studies Centre at Sultan Qaboos University. He holds an MA degree in Islamic Studies from the University of Birmingham, 2016. al-Mu‘taṣim authored a seven-volume series in Islamic Jurisprudence called al-Mu‘tamad, including the sixth volume in Islamic Financial Transactions, and the seventh in Islamic Banking. In 2016, he published his English book Articles on Ibāḍī Studies. In February 2017, he published his translation of the first volume ‘The Reliable Jurisprudence of Prayer’ from Arabic into English. In 2019, he also translated ‘Christians in Oman’ from English into Arabic. Al-Mu'tasim presented some academic papers at some international conferences in Islamic Studies, including TIMES 2017 at Birmingham University and BRISMES 2018 at King’s College London, and BRISMES 2019 at the University of Leeds.