For the additional convenience of customers, Sohar Islamic has Cash Deposit Facility in its existing ATM’s. Customers can now deposit their cash 24 hours a day & 365 days a year, without having the need to visit the branch.

Sohar Islamic ATM machines now perform a dual function; dispense cash and serve as a Cash Deposit Machine. At a single point and at the same machine, customers are able to deposit their cash and also withdraw cash.

Benefits for Sohar Islamic Customers:

Convenience - Deposit cash at any time, any day

Ease of use - Same ATM for deposit and withdrawal

Security - Cash is in safe custody

Immediate credit into the account

CDM locations

Al Ghubra

Falaj AlQabail




Enjoy fast and convenient banking round-the-clock with our ATM card, you can bank 24 hours a day & 365 days a year. Sohar Islamic offers wider reach with a large network of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) all over the country.

Sohar Islamic has joined OmanNet which is the new banking platform. The benefits of OmanNet can be accessed by any customer anywhere in Oman and participating GCC countries in the GCCNet Switch.

Benefits for Sohar Islamic Customers:

Access to over 1000 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) within the country.

Added conveniences at ATMs like:

  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini-statement
  • Funds transfer

ATM locations Offsite

Falaj Al Qabail


Al Hail


Waterfront - Shatti Al Qurum

Muscat Mall